Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cordys: How to update a user interface?

Problem: You want to update a user interface table (e.g. adding of column) which was already generated on top of a database table?

How: This can be easily achieved using the table 'Column Chooser' option
1) Open the UI screen, and right-click on the user interface table containing all the columns and select “Column Chooser”

2) Added database columns will show up within the dialog. The only thing you need to do is select the new column and close the dialog. In case you want to remove columns you can de-select the columns in the same way.

3) You can test the UI (auto publish) using the preview icon () on the top bar.
4) If you want to change the format of a column, you can change this using the ‘Format’ option.

5) There is a bug that Oracle database NUMBER fields are automatically mapped to DOUBLE types within Cordys. Due to this a value of 150 within the database is shown as 150.00 within a Cordys table. This can be easily fixed by changing the “Specific Format” setting of the field to “#”.

6) In order to see the changes of a user interface you have to explicitly clean the cache of your browser. A good tool which is working is dumpcache.exe.

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