Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Connect to CARS via external LDAP Client

Problem: How do we connect to Cordys Admin Repository Server (CARS) via an external LDAP client.

Before starting to give a solution for this it is good to know that CARS by default uses one-way SSL for the CARS authentication. This can be changed  of course by adapting the default installation configuration of CARS, but this is not recommended.

Note: changes this can be done by adapting the property: ‘cars.sslmode ‘ withinin the file <instance-name>.properties, which is located within the Cordys install dir.

default CARS settings

Steps to be taken in order to connect to CARS via an external LDAP client

1. First check if you can connect using the Content Manager of the Cordys Management Console into CARS.

2. If step 1 succeeds (login successfull), take over the configuration of the connect screen of the Content Manager and use this information to connect via your external LDAP client (e.g. JXPlorer).

Using this way you are able to connect with your preferred LDAP client to the CARS OpenLDAP implemenation. Another nice LDAP client to use is Apache Directory Studio.

Have fun.

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