Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Creation of a Contract-First Webservice within WSO2 ESB

This post will be explaining how to create a proxy service within the WSO2 ESB using some webservice registry artifacts like WSDL and XSD.

1. Login to the WSO2 ESB
2. Go to Registry --> Browse in left hand side panel
3. Then Go to '/_system/governance/trunk/services'

4. Select 'Add Resource' and add 'wsdl' and both 'xsd' separately

5. Verify that the resources are added to the repository

6. Then click on ‘Pass Through Proxy’. Here we will create a simple proxy service from the files that we just added to registry
7. Enter “WebshopOrderProxy” as Proxy Service Name and pick the ‘Pick from Registry’ in the “Target Endpoint”
8. Then click on ‘Governance Registry’ and pick the just uploaded wsdl and click ‘OK’ on that popup


9. Now we will add “WSDL Resources” after selecting the “pick from registry” on ‘Publishing WSDL’
10.  Add that schemaLocation text (in file xsd/wsdl) in to “Location” in WSDL Resources and key can be pick from registry
- Click “add resource” for each resource file
- add wsdl as reference key

12. Click ‘Create’ to create proxy service
You will see it on services list page

Go to

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